New sketch from Doris - Pasty. More to come in the next month or so, so stay tuned!


Sketch/  - 19th November 2008  

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illinois - 19 July 2009

Sketch/  - 11th July 2008

Everyone has issues in the new sketch - Live In Fear.

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Blog/  - 5th June 2008

Probably time for an update! We filmed two shorts over Easter - now exams are over, editing is in full swing. We've got a load of scripts written up to film this summer.

Blog/  - 19th July 2009

Website update; slightly less pink. This is just the beginning.

Blog/  - 1st March 2008

We've just finished filming two sketches - Be Afraid and Surprise Is Not An Excuse. They may take a while to be released - we've all got exams coming up - fun fun.

SF - 19 July 2009

Brunel - 19 July 2009

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Sketch/  - 16th August 2009  

Parody of a 90’s classic.

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Blog/  - 5th Oct 2009

We’ve done some more filming and we’re sorry - Honestly, we didn’t mean for it to come out that way. Forgive us internet - 4 Fantasmic Films coming soon!

Hey writer/actor/talented person, do you want to help please Doris? We’re on the look out for some extra special people - communal pasties are provided.

 New York - Feb 2010

We’re still here and loving you...

Blog/  - 10th Feb 2010

Blog/  - 5th Nov 2009

OMG! Have you seen these new films from Doris? I haven’t, but I’m being told to say that they are incredible!

Two sketches, TWO! Both offending two completely separate groups of people!

Doris is generous.

On His Face -

Total Adolf -

Sketch/  - 16th Aug 2010

We gained temporary access to a child.

Fun Sponge -

Sketch/  - 25th Sep 2010